How To Transfer 8 Ball Pool Coins To Another Account 2018

Today in this post you will learn about 8 Ball Pool coins transfer trick.Every body want to know that how to transfer coins fast easily without get your account banned.I got message from some people that upload the Miniclip 8 Ball Pool Coins Transfer Trick so today i am here to post about 8 Ball Pool coins transfer trick 2018.I also try this trick after i check the trick is with my own experience i recommended this trick to all you.

Coins Transfer Trick

Easy Way

How to Transfer Coins in 8 Ball Pool on Mobile (English Language)

1.You need two mobile to transfer 8 Ball Pool Coins or 1 mobile and 1 emulator.

2.Download the 8 Ball Pool old version which is not patched now a days E.g 3.11.4 or 3.11.3

3.Install it on your Android device.

4.Login your that account which you want to transfer coins.

5.Take another mobile and login your that account which have a lot of coins and you want to transfer coins from that account.

6.Now select the same cue in both account if you have legendary cue then select same legendary if you don’t have legendary cue the select any standard cue but same in both account.

7.Now check the online players on that table which you want to connect game.

8.If the players are same in both account click on play in same time it both account.

9.But if the players are not same then minimize the game and reopen both account on same time.

10.Now check the players again if its not same again on both account then again repeat step number 9 but if the players are same you can click on play to connect the game.

How to Transfer 8 Ball Pool Coins Fast (Urdu Language)

1.Ap k pas 2 mobile ka hona zaruri hy agar ap 8 Ball Pool k coins transfer karna chahty hy.

2.8 Ball Pool ka sub sy old version download kary jo abi b kam karaha ho jesa k 3.11.4 or 3.11.3 etc.

3.Apny mobile me game install karly.

4.Apna wo account login kary jes me ap coins transfer karna chahty hy.

5.Dosra mobile ly or os me wo account login kary jes me ap k pas zyada coins hy or ap osi account sy dosry account

me coins transfer karna chahty hy.

6.Dono account me same cue select kary agar ap k pas legendary cue hy to ap dono account me same(aik jesa) legendary cue select kary aur agar ap k pas legendary cue nahi hy to ap koi b same cue dono account me select kary.

7.Os table me online players check kary jes table me ap game connect karna chahty hy.

8.Agar dono account me players same ho to ap dono account mai play py same time click kary.

9.Agar players same na ho to game ko minimize kary aur dobara game open karly.

10.Ab again players check kary agar players same na ho to dubara step number 9 dohraye or agar players same ho to same time play py click kary.

How To Transfer Coins in 8 Ball Pool On Pc (English Language)

1.Open two browser and go to Miniclip official website  in both browser.

2.Login two different accounts on both browser.

3.Select the same cue and check the same players then connect the game as above i will tell you in method 1.

8 Ball Pool me coins kesy transfer kary (Urdu Language)

1.Do browser koly or dono me miniclip ka official website open kary.

2.Dono browser mai do mukhtalif account open kary.

3.Same cue select kary aur same players check kary per game ko connect kary jes tara me apko method number 1 me bata chuka hn.

How To Transfer Coins on 8 Ball Pool Without Getting Banned (English Language)

1.Go to Miniclip official website and open beta version.

2.Login your account and apply the same steps as above i will tell you in Method number 1.

8 Ball Pool Coin Transfer Trick 2018 (Urdu Language)

1.Miniclip ka official website open kary aur beta version koly.

2.Apna account login kary aur same steps apply kary jesa me ap logo ko method number 1 me bata chuka hn.

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