How To Change Username In 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool Name Change Trick

Hello Friends In This Post you will learn about 8 Ball Pool changed name android trick that how to change 8 Ball Pool name.By applying this trick your 8 Ball Pool profile name change completely.If you have problem to change name on 8 Ball Pool or 8 Ball Pool can’t change name you need to apply this trick your 8 Ball Pool account name will be change.Most of the people want to change the name of 8 Ball Pool account but they don’t know about name change today i will tell you full method of 8 Ball Pool name change Trick.Check here 8 ball pool new coins trick 2018.

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How To Change Nickname In 8 Ball Pool

1.Login your Miniclip account in 8 Ball Pool game.

2.Minimize the game and go to play store.

3.Create new account in play store.

4.Go to Facebook Click on sign up.

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5.Create new account in Facebook but on same email which you create play store account.

6.For Example you create the play store account on that email then you create the Facebook account on also that email.

7.Put the Facebook account that name which you want to appear the name on your 8 ball pool game.

8.Go to 8 Ball pool game.

9.Click on connect to Facebook.

10.Your Account is now connected with Facebook and you got 5 cash gift from Miniclip.

11.Congrats your 8 Ball Pool account name is changed.

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12.Logout Your 8 Ball Pool account and click on forget password.

13.Put your gmail account email and enter it you will receive the email from Miniclip official website check the email and click on change password change your password.This new password will be your Miniclip password.Always put the strong password by using symbol.

14.Now open the game again and try your new password to open your Miniclip account.

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15.Congrats now you have 3 Email

  • Facebook Account
  • Gmail Account
  • Miniclip Account

You can open your one 8 ball pool account using three different email.

it is very beneficial because if someone scam your account then you can recover your 8 Ball Pool account easily to click on forget pass and you will receive the mail.

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