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Pubg New Map Release Date

Pubg new map release date is 20 December.The new snow map will be available on 0.10 update which will be released on 20 December as above i mentioned.Mostly user are very excited for Pubg new map snow because this map have include some amazing features.This is very interesting game the owner are really doing great work.They added the pubg winter map where the man will be fight in snow its look an amazing.

pubg new map release date

Features Of Pubg Winter Map(Pubg New Map Release Date Is 20 December)

New Vehicle

The new vehicle is awesome but unfortunately it is available only in pubg winter map (Vikendi).I recommended to mostly use the new vehicle(snowmobile) in the Vikendi because it much perform better then other vehicles in ice.The control of snowmobile is difficult then other vehicles.The new vehicle snowmobile include two seats only two people can ride in this vehicle.

winter snow map

New Weapon

  • The new weapon is only available in Vikendi.
  • G36C is the name of new weapon.
  • The new gun charged 5.56 ammo.
  • You can load 30 bullets and 40 bullets in the new gun by using Extended Magazine on it.
  • In funny words you can say that this gun is the father of ump9.

pubg new map release date

Snow Lobby

  • The background music has bee changed.You will enjoy the new background music in lobby.
  • New look to lobby by applied snowing effect which is also called snow lobby.
  • Players can through snowball while waiting for other opponents.

snow map

Pubg Download Free

  • If you want to download pubg game on your android device then go to play store write pubg on search download it.But if you are facing problem from downloading pubg from play store then click below.

Pubg Game Free Download

Pubg Mod Apk Free Download

Pubg Pc Download

Mostly people have no idea that how to download pubg for pc so today i am sharing the best method to download pubg for pc.Use the emulator to play pubg in your laptop.

Pubg Pc Download Free 

After downloading pubg for pc install and run it on your pc/computer.If you have still facing any error you can ask in comments below.

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 Pubg For Pc Download Method 2 :

  • First of all you need to download emulator on your pc.
  • Download Emulator Here
  • Now install emulator on your pc or laptop.
  • The emulator will be just like android mobile.If you want to run pubg on your laptop then go to play store on emulator and download pubg and open it.

Pubg Game How To Play

  1. After opening Pubg game you need to connect Pubg with Facebook or Gmail or Twitter.
  2. I recommended to connect pubg game with Facebook because your all Facebook friends join your team to send request if your Facebook friend is idle in Pubg Game.
  3.  Now prepare yourself for battlegrounds if you are male then select on male if you are female then select on female and prepare the man(Face,Hair etc).
  4. Now you can play alone or team up match with 2 or 4 friends or your family members.
  5. Click on ready to start the pubg game if your all team players is ready then only the team admin can start the game.
  6. Now 30 or 20 seconds will appear on your screen after 100 players complete your game will be automatic start.
  7. Select the location in the given map where you want to go.
  8. You will be redirect to Pubg aeroplane you need to select the location on map where you want to jump after click on jump button you need to click forward to land quickly and reach to your selected location.
  9. invite your all friends to follow you to jump together if your all pubg game team friends will follow you then only you have the option to jump.Click on jump and press forward button to reach your location quickly.
  10. Press up button after jumping from aeroplane then you will go forward.
  11. Pubg game have HD quality graphics.
  12. You can send text or voice message to your friends in pubg game.

F.A.Q. On Pubg Mobile

Q1. Can We Play This Game Offline?

No you cannot play this game offline because it is an online game and you must connected to internet to play this game.

Q2. Is This Game Is Completely Free To Download?

Yes this game is completely free to download without any charges you can download it.

Q3. Can We Login Through Our Social Media Accounts?

Yes you can login through social media accounts E.g Facebook and Google account.

Q4. Should This Game Charge More Data?

No this game no charge more data instead of browsing and watching online videos on Youtube.

Q5.What Is The Name Of The New Map?

The name of the new map is Vikendi.

Q6.What Is The Name Of The New Gun Include In Vikendi?

The name of the new gun is G36C.

Q7.What Is The Name Of The New Vehicle?

The name of the new vehicle is snowmobile.

Q8.What Is The Pubg New Map Release Date?

The Pubg new map release date is 20 December.

Q9.Can We Download The New Update Before Pubg New Map Release Date?

No you cannot download the pubg new map snow before 20 December.

Q10.Should 0.10 Update Is For All User?

Yes this new and amazing update is for all user.