Sniper 3D Gun Shooter Mod Apk

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter Apk

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter is the best shooting Game all over the world.There are alot of mission in this game but in the beginning you need to reach to level two to unlock and customize the new weapons.The graphics of this game is very high when you shoot the rifle to kill enemy bullet will be very clearly show in HD.First of all you need to kill the traitor because we have just know that Mr.Gossip has been acting as a double agent.

sniper 3D gun shooter

There is a traitor on the left side of the footpath kill it then level will be complete.

Good Job

The mission has been completed now complete two more missions to unlock more amazing features.This game is the best action game which you can aim and shoot just for fun.

sniper 3d hack

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Features of Sniper 3D Gun Shooter Android

  • Good animation(When you are try to killing enemy there will be different cars on the road it will look good to see) and ultra 3D graphics (You will kill the enemy in the buildings and aeroplane it look an amazing.
  • There are hundred of missions in sniper 3d assassin.
  • You will play this game behind the beaches and beautiful cities.
  • The control of this game is very easy you can easily control the gun to kill the enemy within second.
  • First person shooter gameplay.
  • You can download sniper 3D apk free of cost.
  • You can play this game on your android mobile or laptop using emulator.
  • There are unlimited missions to play and new Celebrate Halloween mod is added just for limited time.
  • There are many guns you can use all guns according to your level.Reach to the high level to unlock more amazing guns.
  • Come back every day to get the free rewards.
  • install the sniper mod apk below for sniper 3D hack and unlimited coins.
  • Sniper 3D assassin provide the facilities of changing the name.You can change your profile name again and again but there will be 1 week limit.It means that you cannot change your name within a week you can only change the name after every week.

Save The Hostage

This is an amazing features you will save the hostage from enemy.All the enemy are try to kidnapping your hostage but you will cover your hostage to kill the traitor.Hostage will be female so as i recommended to considered it your girl friend then it will look an amazing to cover her.

save the hostage


There are hundred of missions in sniper 3d gun shooter free shooting games – fps.

  • Kill the agent in the red jacket.
  • Catch the thief which is running on the road.When you kill it there will be a message display that impressive  map here is the map where you can choose your next mission.
  • The enemy will try to reach their target don’t let them direct shoot him.
  • If you have good skill in sniper 3d gun shooter mod apk then you can help your country in ranking.
  • don’t leave any zombie a live kill him with sniper on head to earn enough coins.
  • Wow you are travelling in the helicopter and you will be see outside of the city to kill the enemy.
  • The helicopter will go up you need to kill the pilot in the helicopter to complete the mission.
  • Three enemy are about to parachute into an exclusion zone.Shoot the enemy before they reach to their target.
  • Save your girlfriend from enemy the enemy is try to kill your girlfriend with knives hurry up target it on head to kill it on first shoot.
  • Kill the briefcase receiver.
  • Sir valeenyos is going to meet with his partner to set up the final detail of their fraudulent scheme.Kill both of them.
  • Skinheads on the rise and are now trying to eliminate all foreigners.One of them is chasing a group of tourists on the street protect them.

Vip :

in the beginning of the game your vip level will be copper raven but if you want to increase Vip you need to complete the missions then your tier level will be high.The last vip tier is amazing colour and shape which is called golden skull.

F.A.Q. On Sniper 3D Gun Shooter Game

Q1. Can We Login Through Our Social Media Accounts?

Yes you can login through social media accounts but i recommended to login on Facebook account because when you login through Facebook you will be rewarded coins otherwise its your choice you can login through gmail.

Q2. Is Sniper 3D Apk Is Completely Free To Download?

Yes Sniper 3D Mod apk and original apk is free to download.There will be no charges to pay to download and install this game.

Q3. Should This Game Charge More Data Instead of Web And Youtube?

No this game will not consume tons of data it will charge very less data instead of Youtube and using browser.

Q4. Can We Play This Sniper 3D Gun Shooter Offline?

Yes you can play this game offline anywhere because the owner added the offline option in the game if you don’t have internet connection you can play this game offline with amazing features.You can play and enjoy this game offline if you are travelling or you are on that place there will be no internet connection.But this game is officially online game with amazing features and animation.

Q5. Can We Play This Game With Friends?

Yes you can play this game with friends and around the world.

People Review About This Game

  • Great game but I experienced some technical difficulties including my energy wouldn’t reafil offline. if u fix this I will definitely give it 5 stars.
  • Firstly in the name of free trial. I was charged right away with 50 rupee, secondly as soon as the payment is done app crashes right away. Pathetic experience
  • Levels are pretty easy..sorta made it boring at first, but it’s actually pretty chill to play so I like it alot.

Brief Information

NameSniper 3D Gun Shooter
Install1 Millions + Downloads
Released OnNovember 13 2014
UpdatedSep 6 2018

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Sniper 3D Gun Shooter Free Download (Original Apk)

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