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Sniper fury is the top shooting game which is played all over the world.The action of this game is very good the graphics will look like a real life.It is the first person shooter game which is published by gameloft.It is the sniping game you will kill the enemy from very far to zoom it on scope.In this game you will find the beautiful location in every missions.Every mission have different location and you will do the different task in every missions to complete the victory.

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Features Of Sniper Fury

  • You can use different guns(There are limited guns you should buy it from shop) in this game to kill the enemy.
  • You can customize the weapons for better result.
  • The background animation and weather effect look better from other action games.
  • When you hit the bullet on the enemy head or body the blood came out of this place where the bullet gone.
  •  The bullet effect is interesting it will go in very slow motion when you hit the perfect shoot.
  • The control of sniper fury is very easy.You can increase the scope aim by just click on the aim button and you can shoot the enemy by click on the bullet button.
  • You can build you base and loot other players.
  • You are the admin of your squad.Your squad will help you in killing the enemy.
  • use the zoom slider to enter the ironsight mode.
  • Swipe your finger across the screen to move camera.


  • I hear you are the kind of snipers whos willing to get their hands dirty./my organization could use someone like you.Thank you got what it takes? on an intel lead we sent some agents to an abandoned airfield in murmansk.They have been radio silent for 24 hours help us hurry up.After completing that mission now you will find the new assignment in sniper fury.
  • Our agent has infiltrated the airfield but an enemy soldier is patrolling near his location get rid of him.Now your weapons need little more kick go to armory and upgrade your weapons.
  • Our agent just uploaded a data dump from inside one of the hangars.this airfield is being used as illegal arms market.we are working on tracking who is behind this but in the meantime lets start taking these guys out of business.But you will need an assault rifle for the next mission.
  • Cellstrike has identify the last targets you took down at the airfield we got to shut this operations down.

People Review About This Game

  1. The only game thus far that truly takes advantage of new phone shapes and full screen. Wonderful. I was beginning to think that not all games could handle the Huawei Mate 20x! Gorgeous to see the full screen being used so well. Important to keep things well in view since most phones have curved edge…
  2. I love this game truly, but my issue with it is sometimes after a victory I don’t get my rewards it sucks. Also with the events, like seriously, I have to upgrade my weapon, but I have to redo the first mission that I’ve completed to get the parts for it? I never finish it. It sucks. Everything else…

F.A.Q. On Sniper Fury Shooter Game

Q1. Can We Play This Game Offline?

No you cannot play this game offline because this is an online game.

Q2. Is This Game Is Completely Free To Download?

Yes this game is completely free to download you can also download many more sniper game android from our website.

Q3. Can We Login Through Our Social Media Accounts?

Yes you can login through social media account because every online game have the facilities to connect through Facebook or Google account.

Q4. Should This Game Charge More Data?

No this game no charge more data?

Q5. Can We Share This Game Through bluetooth Or Zapya?

Yes you can share this game through zapya but you need to download additional file using your own internet connection. or you need to download additional file which is given below.After downloading additional

“” folder “android / data” copy into.

Then your friend will be able to play Sniper Fury online without downloading any resources.

Tips To Improve Your Game

  • Upgrade squadmates to make them stronger and increase your defenses.No rest for the wicked.
  • Failed squad ops missions can produce wounded/capture squad no one behind.
  • Boss to strong?Send in some squadmates first in special missions to clear the way.Report when over.
  • Low on item soldiers ? Report for battle base asap that should get you covered.
  • Want to join clans ? Finish story missions of chapter 2 to prove that you are good enough.
  • Get the full gear set to turn on the powerful gear ability.
  • Enemy snipers are your biggest threat.Don’t waste time wasting them.
  • Use your strongest weapons to defeat enemies and loot their gold.On the double.
  • Finish all story missions to unlock the new chapter.

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