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Soul Knight Scammer

Soul Knight Scammer will remove the most recent(Last) buff and scammer can be used at many time according to their own choice.Have you been wondering what could happen when you go into the scammer.So i am going to test it out because i have a buff right here.Now let’s go to the scammer so basically we can’t get another buff after 1-1 but after i reset my buff.

soul knight scammer is here

  • Do you see what will happen next right now ? so you will get more gyms at the end of the each game.
  • Next time if you got a bad buff just go to the scammer to reset your buff and get a better one in the next portal.
  • The soul knight scammer can remove maximum one buff at the current time they can’t remove the full buff they can only reset the current(last) buff.

Soul Knight Design Table

Check out the all detail below about soul knight design table.

  • If you want to developed weapon or mount you need to use some gyms and  blueprints which help you to developed a good weapon.
  • Once you developed a weapon so next task is easy because the player will prepare free copy of the same item and you can create many more using forge table.
  • You can use the gyms to create the robotic the armor.
  • If you make a weapon but you did not get immediately due to some reason you can get your equipments in workshop.

Brief Information

NameSoul Knight
Size69.80 MB
Offered ByChillyRoom

Soul Knight How To Get Batteries

These steps will help you to in Soul Knight How To Get Batteries easily.

  • Battery can be found in green chests,shop,boss drops and mob drops throughout the dungeon.
  • The enemies that drop batteries can be found in frost level.
  • One other place no one has mentioned yet, is the blue forging chest which returns a weapon to its components. If you see one of the chests and give it a laser you will get a battery and some combination of other stuff.The developer are trying to fix soul knight gem glitch as soon as possible.

Soul Knight Official Trailer

Soul Knight Scammer Features

This is the best war game you have to explore the dungeon to collect the amazing weapons and dodge the enemy bullets to shoot them and be the hero.Take your weapon with you and kill all the enemy quickly.

  • There is amazing unique heroes with powerful ability in Soul Knight Scammer.
  • The total weapons in this game are 170+ and each gun have different power then others you can select your favorite one according to your own choice.
  • The dungeon can appear randomly from any side so be careful and prepare yourself for fight every time.
  • You can choose auto aim mechanism for super intuitive control it help you to kill the enemy quickly without being focus on the enemy.
  • This is the best shooting game all over the world.
  • The graphics of this game is very amazing with great animation.
  • Soul knight mod apk all heroes unlocked is added.

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Soul Knight Engineer

  • The soul knight engineer is the best characters in this game because it is the boss of the boss of the all machine that is control by the engineer.
  • Engineer wear orange suit to look an amazing just like a real engineer.

Download Soul Knight Apk (Play Store Version)

Soul Knight apk is here

Download Soul Knight Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Soul Knight mod apk is here

F.A.Q. On Soul Knight Scammer

Q1 .I’ve unlocked both the trekking pole and iron claw. How do I use them ?

Once you unlock them you have a change of finding them in game.

Q2 .What does Soul knight Scammer actually do?

You pay him gold and he removes your most recent buff.

But, the next time you go through a portal you can pick another buff, so you still end up with 5 (or 6 if you have the buff from maxing out a character).

Q3 .Is This Game Is Completely Free To Download ?

Yeah off course this game is totally free to download.

Q4 . How To Unlock The Soul Knight Robot?

You need the engineer. Then u need 20 parts and 20 batteries and you unlock it, it seems. Most recommend that if you don’t have or want to pay for the engineer, you get all the items then do a trial of the engineer.

Q5 .How Can Do The Trial ?

To do a trial you need to find/buy a voucher the merchant in the workshop can sometimes sell them for 500 gems, they can also drop from wishing wells ingame.After you got a voucher start a new game and click on the premium hero you want to use you will be able to play one game with them.

Q6 . Is Mod Apk Is Working 100% ?

Yes this game mod apk have unlimited money which is working 100% i hope you will enjoy the mod apk with unlimited money and some new amazing features.

Q7 .What Is The current Version Of This Game ?

The current version of this game is 2.1.1

Q8 .Which Color Of Suit Engineer Wear ?

The engineer wear orange color suit to look different from other characters.

People Review About Soul Knight

  • I’ve had the pleasure of playing this game from the very beginning and had this game on a bunch of my past phones and I gotta say this is an outstanding mobile game, excellent music and wonderful and corky characters. I’ve even spent some money on it here and there to support you guys, very well done.
  • It’s a very entertaining game. You can get Gems easily, it’s compatible with a controller, [although in certain parts you have to use touch screen] and it’s fun! I keep playing, and playing, and playing, just to defeat the 1st dungeon![oops nvm it doesn’t save the dungeon you’re in] Very challenging.
  • The game is very fun to play, honestly one of the best games on the store in my opinion, but a few things need to be changed, 2 upgrade items in particular. The pet food and the safe, pet food gives your pet HP although it cant die so this is basically useless.