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Tiny Troopers 2 Mod Apk

Tiny Troopers 2 mod apk is better then Tiny Troopers apk because you will have an unlimited supply of weapons and equipments to enjoy the game.It is the best small troops game in which troops is landing on the earth and kill the other troopers to complete the mission.You will have also your own squad to kill the opponent together with a plane.You will do the operation on the other troopers to kill him but the special task is to kill the villains and terrorist then your mission will be complete and you will reach to a helicopter.Now your next mission is to start the helicopter will take you and your squad to next mission.

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Features of Tiny Troopers 2 Special Ops Apk

  • You can customize the troopers with new uniforms(unlock airbore which comes with three rockets,Unlock medic which automatically heal wounded team members)
  • Unlock machine gunner for missions that require a lot of fire power.
  • You can upgrade the rifles to kill the troopers quick.

How To Play Tiny Troopers 2 Game (Missions)

  • You are welcome to the bootcamp tip on the ground to move that location.You will proceed to the next way point to continue.You can also move by holding the finger on your screen.
  • Your nextway point in the blue circle quick go to your next point.
  • To fire the burst of rounds.Tap on a target.Destroy the moving target to continue.
  • You will get common points to kill the enemies.Cps are used as currency.
  • To avoid explosions swipe vertically to make your troopers take cover.This is the best protection against all explosions.Now again go to your next point.
  • Now open the menu to use command points.
  • There are special weapons which are used to target the tank.You need to use the rockets to destroy the tank.
  • Use the map to check your location and the locations of your objectives.
  • You need to follow the green indicator.This is your last point go to the green indicator then your mission will be complete and you will proceed to the next mission.

F.A.Q. On Tiny Troopers Apk

Q1. Can We Login Through Our Social Media Accounts?

No need to login through a social accounts because Tiny Troopers 2 Mod Apk is an offline game.You can play it without connected to any social media account.

Q2. Is Tiny Troopers 2 Apk Is Completely Free To Download?

Yes tiny troopers 2 apk is free to download you can easily download this game free of cost by just click on the below button.

Q3. Can We Play This Tiny Troopers 2 Apk Offline?

Yes you can play tiny troopers 2 offline because all the missions available without internet connection.Specially i recommended this game to those people which don’t have internet connection hurry up just download this game and use it offline.

People Review About Tiny Troopers 2 Mod Apk

  • Omg.. This game is interesting & very fun.. Lovely characters & graphics & control.. I didn’t expect this much but is awesome.. Nwy where is part 1 and 3 I wanna play more. Coz I hv finish all the level n stage.. As well why only 4 stage its too less try to make more stage so that many customers can…
  • Tiny Troopers 2:Special Ops is a fun,addictive and great action game. Most game that are action tend on having one mode, but unlike this one there are many options. From squad to tank to zombies to protecting citizens, this game has it all. Despite not having different weapons (guns), this game …

Brief Information

NameTiny Trooper 2 Special Ops
Size56 MB
Updated OnJune 13, 2018

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